Thursday, November 8, 2007

Who Said Austin Doesn't Have Culture?

So, we may not have the Metropolitan museum, unless we still have one of those wannabe Metropolitan Museum stores in one our malls, Austin still has a great theater community.

Tonight Charles and I had the opportunity to attend Tuna Does Vegas - Jaston Williams and Joe Sears latest addition to the Tuna creations.

I've wanted to see any of the Tuna shows for years and just never got around to making plans to actually go see one. So, when my dear friend Sue sent out a note that she had extra tickets earlier this week, I jumped at the chance and knew Charles would enjoy it too.

Going to the Paramount in Downtown Austin is always a treat. The first time I went to see a performance there it was several well respected guitarists. The second time was to see one of my all time favorite shows - A Chorus Line. I knew it was a special place and thrilled that I was introducing the venue to Charles. It's a beautiful theater and as you enter you can feel its history. It turns 100 in 2015.

We weren't disappointed by Tuna Does Vegas - not a big surprise. Jason and Joe perform as all of the characters throughout this 2+ hour production often cross dressed as women. Tuna is a fictious small Texas town, which Charles and I relate to all too well. In the characters portrayed I could put names of people I knew as I was growing up in West Columbia and I'm certain Charles could do the same from Brazoria. Somehow the small town never really leaves you no matter how many years you've been away.

We laughed and laughed and laughed and gasped at the off colored remarks. If you're in Austin or you have the opportunity to be in a town where a Tuna show is produced, I'd highly recommend that you go see it.


Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to see someone taking appreciation in the little things our town has to offer. I have not seen the play and I am not sure I will see it due that it appears to be directed to a s specific market. However, I really love th Paramount. I go there every change I get and I support the theater as much as I can.

thank you for your post. As I said, it is nice to see people in Austin proud of their town.

Kim said...


Thanks for the comment. I do love Austin and never miss an opportunity to tell others how cool of a place it truly is be it arts, music or simply a beautiful town in which to live.