Sunday, January 13, 2008

Event Manager Sought by Bulldog Solutions

Understand the corporate environment but looking for something a little different? Check out Bulldog Solutions—a globally recognized, Austin-based company focusing on creating quantifiable, Web-based marketing and sales products and campaigns for Fortune 500 companies around the world. Bulldog is a fun, fast-paced place to work, and in addition to being headquartered in the Live Music Capital of the World (Austin, Texas) we have our EMEA offices based in Brussels, Belgium. We are authorities in the development of successful lead-generation campaigns and strategies for B to B organizations in a portfolio of industries that includes technology, finance, science, health care, telecom, insurance and publishing.

Event Manager

Bulldog Solutions is currently seeking an Event Manager to add to our Operations Team. An Event Manager is responsible for the set-up, coordination and management of live and pre-recorded Web events delivered as part of Bulldog Solution’s service package. Each event that Bulldog Solutions produces contains unique and varied circumstances, and our customers rely on our Event Managers to help organize these essential presentation details. Bulldog Solutions is looking for a technologically savvy, detail oriented, and customer focused individual to join our Event Management Team. This is a full-time salaried position.

  • Manage/supervise all aspects of business event set up, primarily web events (Webinar platform, audio, Web, IP streaming), pod/audio productions, video creation/editing, and other special events. (Primary focus will be on Webinars for Clients). This requires careful attention to detail; mistakes can result in major problems that compromise event success.

  • Speaker training – Conduct customer training/rehearsal sessions prior to live event. Coach speakers on best practices for optimal audio and visual during the live event, and how to use the platform technology.

  • Live event support - Troubleshooting technical, vendor and scheduling issues; testing events prior to launch and ensuring events proceed smoothly from beginning to end. Anticipate potential problems and proactively take preventative steps.

  • Event moderation – During live event, event manager will give verbal instructions to the audience for optimal viewing, and may act as moderator during live event to introduce speakers, read polling questions, and read audience-submitted questions during the live Q&A session. Event manager needs to have good public speaking skills, and be comfortable speaking during live events.

  • Develop a summary of each event's performance for clients (critique of speakers, PowerPoint slides, etc.), give recommendations for future events, and organizing post-event reporting.

  • Stay up-to-date on audio and Web platform technologies and continually drive innovation of the Bulldog Solutions products.

  • Communicate platform changes with customers and internal staff.

  • Work closely with/lead teams that include internal/external subject matter experts, marketing/sales professionals, vendors, facilitators, content developers.


  • College degree

  • One to three years’ experience in client facing role, preferably in an agency environment

  • Exceptional verbal/written communications skills; must be articulate and communicate clearly and concisely with all levels of management.

  • Detail oriented and exceptionally well organized with the capacity to manage multiple priorities and tasks simultaneously.

  • Must work well under pressure. Ability to quickly resolve technical problems during live events while remaining calm is key.

  • Requires skill working with Web technologies to facilitate Webinar activities and provide quick responses to ad-hoc customer inquiries, and experience with audio and Web technology troubleshooting. A basic understanding of html is a plus.

  • Proven track record of obtaining results without direct report authority.

  • Highly self-motivated contributor who works well as an individual and within a team environment.

  • Software proficiency skills: strong MS Office, and excellent computer skills.

  • Must have a basic understanding of audio and video concepts and terminology. Audio and video editing skills a strong plus.

  • Desire to be part of a team who can grow the business by consistently delivering high quality client services within prescribed timeframes and project scope.

Desired Characteristics

The successful candidate will have natural interest in Web based technologies and the desire to stay up-to-date on the latest advances. Requires a solid understanding of the basic technology behind Webinars and Internet communications; familiarity with metrics, operations, and the complete product scope (e.g. requirements through reporting) is required. The candidate must posses expertise in both written and interpersonal communication and be at ease with public speaking, in relationship building, and in collaboration in a cross-functional team comprised of diverse personalities, skill sets, and levels of experience. The ability to work in a fast-paced, dynamic and energetic environment while simultaneously maintaining excellent organizational skills, focus, and attention to detail is critical.

This is a regular full-time position in our offices in Austin, Texas. As this is an immediate need, local candidates will be given more serious consideration. We are not offering relocation packages.


Please forward your resume to

Friday, January 11, 2008

Making an Impact One Friend at a Time

I still find Twitter fascinating and one of the most fascinating parts is that it is such an incredibly caring group of talented and creative and smart individuals. Like other social networking or even dating sites, you add or others add you to their network and there are so many various reasons as to why you'd "hook-up" with these people.

And then quickly, on Twitter, at least, you take peek at their blog. You often find out what town or region of the world they call home. You strike up conversations and begin a friendship. You connect things that are of similar interest. You learn that they are a mom or a writer or a software developer or a race car driver. Those are the fun parts of what happens.

The parts that aren't fun are the parts that remind us we're chatting with humans.

Humans who have faults and problems and the worst of it all illnesses or are literally hit by a "Mack truck."

Yes, one of our dear friends, "ashPEAmama" on Twitter was hit by actually a Peterbilt truck this week and did not survive. She had given birth to her second child in November and this week at the age of 29 less than five hours after her last post on Twitter her life came to an end. Tragic.

And many of us have now donated to a fund in hopes of helping her family financial during this imaginably difficult time.

A month or so ago another one of our friends, Susan found a lump in her breast. A big lump. It required almost immediate surgery and she has now undergone breast cancer surgery and writes about what she is living through in Boobs on Ice.

We have rallied around her and as well as "Splash Girl" who is also going through her battle with Breast Cancer and created the Frozen Pea Fund with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

The Washington Post picked up on our efforts and ran How Frozen Peas Started a Movement which gives more color to all the craziness that has ensued in our little circle of friends.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Social Media: Where Should BtoB Marketers Start?

On January 15 Bulldog Solutions will be hosting a Webinar featuring Laura Ramos, Vice President, Principal Analyst for Forrester Research. This is the very definition of thought leadership—as you know, the Forrester brand is a valuable one and we’re pleased to have Laura join us.

The event is called: Social Media: Where Should BtoB Marketers Start?

Find more and register here.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Twitter connects to my ancestory

What? You're thinking that sounds crazy. So, let me tell you a little story that happened to me over the last few days and see if it sounds crazy afterwards.

Right now on Twitter I "follow" over 350 people and I have over 250 people "following" me from all around the world. The idea that I would run across anyone that I knew or knew me or knew my family, etc. is pretty far fetched as estimates show less than 6% of internet users are currently on Twitter.

For those of you not hip to Twitter lingo, "follow" and "following" simply means that you've subscribed to what they are posting on the site. You watch what they write. They watch what you write. You probably interact from time to time online.

On Sunday either I added a new "follower" or this person "princess_belle" added me. I honestly can't remember. Anyway, I posted about a grass fire happening near my neighborood and Princess commented on it that my neighborhood looked very much like the one that her father lived in and that he lived in a town not too far from me.

Not a big deal. I live in a development by a pretty large home builder and even within my own city limits there are probably 4 -5 developments that look very similiar to mine.

I noticed on her site that she lived in Pennsylvania. I told her that I my best friend lived outside of Philly. Princess asked where and when I replied she told me that she had once lived a few miles away from that town. Okay, we were starting to get into that six degrees of separation thing.

Today, I commented on Twitter that the commentators at the Rose Bowl Parade had mispronounced a town here in Texas. Princess posted back that she went to college in that town. The same town that a friend of mine went to college. I asked about what years Princess attended and then asked about where she grew up. It was a bit confusing to me as her father lives near me and she went to school in Texas, but lived in Pennsylvania. I figured it would make for a bit more conversation, but probably nothing more.

And then HUGE surprise. Princess posted "My home town is WC." What?! Oh, my! I'm from WC. A tiny Texas town with a population just around 4,000. What's the likeihood? Seriously!

I asked her if she graduated from WC High and she indicated that she hadn't. So I asked, why did she consider WC as her "hometown." Princess replied, that's where her father grew up.

Not only I grew up in WC, but my mom and her family lived there since the 1940s.

Getting wierder yet?

Soon enough we were both online with each other and Princess was on the phone with her dad and I was on the phone with my mom. Yes, they knew each other. Her father was my one of my uncle's best friends growing up and apparently they were inseparable. They graduated from WC High back in 1957!

I've found what I would consider a long lost cousin of sorts all because of silly conversations and observations on a social website where we are goofy and caring and obviously very talktive.

Not only does it make me think, geesh, this is bizarre, but it also makes me think the world can sometimes be smaller than six degrees of separation. It can actually be a Twitter away.