Friday, February 3, 2012

How is That Nine to Five Family Working for You?

Hours on end. I mean day-in, day-out conversing, speaking via phone, video conference, email and in person. Yet, we rarely fight. There's no screaming matches.

Oh there are misunderstandings and we disappoint each other. But honestly I'm super lucky because we shower each other with lots of verbal appreciation. You know, virtual high fives and such.

For the most part I didn't pick these people. In fact, none of these people picked me, yet here I am in this work family and I've come to love these 9-5 relatives.

Most of us who work outside the home spend more time with our work relatives than with our true families, so it's super important to like those that you work with everyday.

In the last few years with mass layoffs and record unemployment numbers, many people desperately dove head first into getting any job, sometimes sacrificing their past experiences and work related knowledge for dumbed down tasks simply to bring home a paycheck. But were tradeoffs worth it?

Have you traded in the comforts of enjoying your work relatives to simply make ends meet?

How do you deal with the fact that you go to work and aren't excited to develop relationships with people whom you spend the most time with everyday?