Sunday, September 2, 2012

Remembering Gizzy

This morning Charles and I said goodbye to our sweet, eldest dog, Gizzy. She died peacefully in her sleep after battling kidney failure over the last few months. She was a handful and the epitome of an alpha dog in our family. We are happy knowing she is no longer suffering.

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Charles adopted Gizzy from an abusive home. She was the runt of a litter and the children of the family were happy to tease her in unkind ways.

In 2006, Charles and Gizzy moved from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to join me and my two cats, Belay and Zambezi. In 2007 General our Shih Tzu joined us and in 2010 we added what is now the last dog our our clan, Colonel.

Before adding Colonel to our brood, Gizzy and General were best buds. Although, in this video you might beg to differ. Once Colonel came along, Gizzy had a new puppy to boss around. Actually, all of our animals did whatever Gizzy told them to do. She was our alpha dog and made certain that everyone knew it.

We will miss her snotty, snorting, joyous, bossy self!

Thanks to Banfield Pet Hospital at Louis Henna and I35 in Round Rock and The Heart of Texas Veterinary Specialty Center.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yummy Quick Dinner - Tomato Basil Squares

I was probably introduced to Pampered Chef's Tomato Basil Squares in 2002. They quickly became one of my all time favorite go-to recipes and I don't have many of those. They're super easy to make with minimal ingredients and it gives me a reason to grow basil! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. 
  2. Roll out pizza crust onto a rectangle baking stone (or cookie sheet if you don't have a stone). 
  3. Sprinkle crust with one cup Mozzarella cheese. 
  4. In a bowl, combine remaining Mozzarella cheese, basil, garlic and mayonnaise. 
  5. Mix well. 
  6. Place sliced tomatoes on top of pizza crust. 
  7. Spread mayonnaise mixture on top of tomatoes (I actually use a small melon baller and drop heaping balls on top and smash it down a bit). 
  8. Top with grated Parmesan cheese. 
  9. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until top is golden brown and bubbly

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My sister, my friend

Lori and me in one of our first day of school photos (Circa 1978)
She's only three years, 352 days younger than me. So there were a few years before she was born that I was the only child. I'm pretty sure I didn't take as much advantage as I could of that situation, but I can't really blame my former four year old self.

By the time she was born I had lived in both Texas and Michigan, but when my sister, Lori, came into the picture, Michigan was a distant spot in my families rear view mirror. Neither of my parents had ever lived that far north and I think the stark cold winter made my mom long for the Texas sun and sky.

Friday, February 3, 2012

How is That Nine to Five Family Working for You?

Hours on end. I mean day-in, day-out conversing, speaking via phone, video conference, email and in person. Yet, we rarely fight. There's no screaming matches.

Oh there are misunderstandings and we disappoint each other. But honestly I'm super lucky because we shower each other with lots of verbal appreciation. You know, virtual high fives and such.

For the most part I didn't pick these people. In fact, none of these people picked me, yet here I am in this work family and I've come to love these 9-5 relatives.

Most of us who work outside the home spend more time with our work relatives than with our true families, so it's super important to like those that you work with everyday.

In the last few years with mass layoffs and record unemployment numbers, many people desperately dove head first into getting any job, sometimes sacrificing their past experiences and work related knowledge for dumbed down tasks simply to bring home a paycheck. But were tradeoffs worth it?

Have you traded in the comforts of enjoying your work relatives to simply make ends meet?

How do you deal with the fact that you go to work and aren't excited to develop relationships with people whom you spend the most time with everyday?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pinterest Rocks Social Media's Hottest Trends List

Back in 2007, I joined an online social networked called Twitter. You've heard of it, right? But back then I heard people giggle about me Tweeting. My husband would make fun of me chatting with my Twitter friends - ahem Tweeps. Many around me thought that it was certainly a passing fad and that it would have no bearing on their life whatsoever.

Who's giggling now?

I would guess that most of us hear the word or see the word Twitter on an almost daily basis. It's not uncommon any longer and it's obviously not as much of a passing fad like so many had predicted.

Last summer I was introduced to Pinterest. Is that new to you?

Thanks to The Organised Housewife on See all her pins here:
After returning from our missions trip in Botswana last June, I was watching some of the more crafty (as in they make things by hand - not that they're mean!) and socially media savvy women post interesting projects and such to their Facebook wall. It intrigued me and soon enough I joined Pinterest and began to pin away.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

There Has To Be More

Special thanks to 

Over the last couple of months I've come to realize that there definitely is more to life and that I have been stuck in this monotonous cycle of doing the same thing every week day. And let me tell you, it gets old.

So without a big hoop-la of New Year's Resolutions, I've simply made sure that I'm making an effort to spice things up a bit. Although it's not all that exciting, in the first week of 2012, I've accomplished a lot. It feels good.

And in January alone I've already committed to some fun get-togethers with ladies that are impactful in their lives and I'm going to be gleaning lessons from them on how they get so much done.

I've made a pact with myself to change up steps four and six in the Savage Chickens cartoon above. I'm getting offline more and turning off the television. Most of the the time the television has simply been on in the background as I wandered around the internet anyway.

I'll let you know what kind of progress I make and ideally there will be some great things coming out of this new found freedom from electronics. I'm jazzed about it!