Friday, November 9, 2007

Shopping with my Boy

General and I rushed to Petsmart late this afternoon for one of the last walk-in Vet appointments. Whew! Just made it.

Afterwards I thought we should do a little shopping. A good puppy always deserves a treat and the last time we were there we purchased a super squeeky kangaroo, so this time I took General with me down the toy aisle and let me tell you, the squeekier the toy the more perked up he becomes. So, we finally decided on the gorilla that matched the kangaroo.

But before we headed down the toy aisle and just after we got the mammoth bag of Royal Canin for puppies we took a stroll over to look at the doggie beds. I pulled one down that I liked and didn't think was outrageously overpriced. I put it on the floor and sure enough General totally got it and curled up and laid there in it. But it really just fit him. If he grows any more, which I honestly don't think he will, it would be too small. So, I took the next size up and put it on the floor next to the smaller one. Yep, General moved over and that was that. We took the medium blue bed.

Puppies and dogs at Petsmart always, okay for the most part, are so good. It's an unusual experience for me as I've always had cats as an adult and there's no way you'd see me lugging my kitties to this pet haven. But, dogs, they're so much more social. They sniff around and check each other out. General who typically has cowered at the site of larger dogs and come to hide behind me with his tail in between his legs, tonight even stood up straight and proud to a friendly Rottweiler. He's such a good dog.

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