Sunday, November 18, 2007

Simply Daunting

Just way too many things I'd like to get done and by the time the weekend rolls around, I'm usually plum tuckered out.

This weekend was no different. By the time I left my office on Friday evening I felt like my shoulders were touching my ears and my lower back was throbbing. Apparently those are two of the places where I "carry" my stress. Hmmm. Note to self: Make an appointment with Dr. Mark the Chiropractor.

I had really hoped that this weekend I'd get everything I needed together for a craft show I'll be attending in Angleton. I have Northridge Gardens product ordered and it should be here the first part of next week, which is plenty of time. But here at the house over the weekend I had thought I'd be able to dust off all the displays and decide what other pieces I'd take to sell at the show.

No such luck. I goofed off Saturday and today wasn't much better. In fact, today was the typical Sunday when I finally find my energy at 2 pm or so. I'm psyched that I managed to really clean the kitchen and even figured out how to turn the oven onto self clean. That was amazing. Who knew.

And just prior to jotting down this post I managed to pay a multitude of bills.

Accomplishments were made I guess, now that I see it here, but really not as much as I'd like.

Does that at times hold the same for you? Do you set out tasks for your days off only to find that you simply need those days off to recoup and renergize? If you're one of those that is able to get a ton of things done, I'd love to hear your success strategy. Do share.

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