Friday, October 12, 2007

This is what work feels like

I always joke around that kids would never want to rush through school if some adult told them the honest to God truth that they'd have to get up, act right and go to work for the rest of their life. Who in their right mind would want to do that?! Geesh, if I had my way I'd go straight from elementary / middle school to retired.

Of course, I'm not completely serious about that, but doesn't it seem like a nice dream. Me now tootling around in my RV?

I guess I would miss out on my first kiss

on my first love,

on my first heartbreak,

on my starter marriage,

on my new love.

But, it's work week's like I've been experiencing of late that would definitely have me wishing for the skip forward part.

Yet as I type this I remember how much I was energized even after the end of a long hard week sitting in my office in the quiet way past 5 on a Friday. The flip side is that even though there are tough topics that are discussed behind my HR door, there's also a lot of passion from people wanting and desiring to do the right thing. Whatever the right thing means.

It's the mentality of a start up and entrepreneurs and probably the number one reason that makes the more painful weeks worth it all in the long run.

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