Friday, October 26, 2007

Bulldog Solutions' Company Party Proves Muy Bueno!

Bulldog Solutions has held an annual company party for three years now. Pretty impressive considering we're going into our fifth year of business. It's always near Halloween and costumes are highly encouraged.

The first year's theme, which I missed, was a Headbangers Ball. Last year was Boogie Nights. This year's occurred last night and the theme was Latino, which had a wide breadth to interpret and undoubtedly saw some of our best costume choices to date.

We've encouraged our employees to upload their own personal photos to a Flickr site we've created and we'll also soon upload some of the professional photographs we had taken as well.

Wanna know what crazy Bulldog Solutions' employees look like when their partying? Check it out the first sets of photos here: Bulldog Solutions Halloween.

Prior to the event we had created a set of three "Telenovellas" about a fictional story line happening in our offices and sent it out to those that received an invite. It was a great way for us to begin getting psyched for the night on the town.

We danced until after Midnight to the sounds of Grupo Fantasma at The Mohawk in downtown Austin. There was even a guy handrolling cigars. A huge hit of the night.

Ohhhh, what will we do next year . . .?


Robbie C said...

We had a blast --- and I'm not a fan of costume parties. But the band was amazing.

When you mix good Latin music with an unrestricted open bar, you have the makings of a fun party.

I haven't danced that much in years.

It was nice to finally meet your husband --- we really did have a lot to talk about.

We need to go have dinner and a few beverages sometime soon.

Kim said...


It was much fun, yes? I think the band definitely kicked it up a notch.

And yes, my BOYFRIEND and I will have to get together with you and Shannon soon. ;-)


Robbie C said...


My bad --- I thought Shannon told me ya'll were married (or I just assumed that from the get-go).

Well --- regardless, we should still all go grab a bite and some beer sometime soon.