Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's a Small World Afterall

It really is. It's especially small the more time you spend online. In case your not in the know it's called Social Media. It's connecting interests and genres and all sorts of things and quite simply making this huge world of ours smaller.

While I'm not amazed to the point of falling over in awe, I am amazed daily as I find more and more of my friends are of the virtual sort. We may have met briefly at some point or we may have met on line through friends of friends or we may have accidently bumped into each other on Twitter or Facebook or MySpace. However we connected, the fact of the matter is we connected. And most of these friends and I chat in our pajamas for goodness sake.

I like to think that I use my social network first and foremost for business connections. Since I'm the HR Manager / Recruiter for one of Central Texas' fastest growing companies, Bulldog Solutions, I'm always on the look out for our next potential hire.

But secondarily, I find myself using my network for socializing and peering into lives whether near or far.

This weekend I putzed around the house, but was also doing searches for a friend's project up in Boston. Laura Athavale Fitton and a slew of folks were taking part in Startup Weekend Boston where they created from scratch a company, DeskHappy and I believe will be launching its beta version before the night's over.

As I played around with that this evening I was also able to stay up to date on the Boston Redsox and I'm so not a sports watcher.

And all of this is what makes me think, yet again, how small our world has become.

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