Saturday, October 27, 2007

Caught That Balloon

This lazy Saturday morning as I was sitting her twittering and viewing podcasts from Podcamp Boston, I heard the whooshing sound of what I've come to equate Saturday mornings to at my house - a hot air balloon.

So, I've determined, not only am I a techno-geek, but I have this avid love affair with hot air balloons.

They pass over my home every Saturday morning and I never tire of seeing them. Just where are they coming from? And seriously, what kind of spectacular view is this for them?

This time I was fast enough to grab my camera, run out to my front porch in my robe and share a glimpse with you. Yea! It's the simple things in life.


Gilligan said...

Knowing that they're coming over with such consistency, doesn't it make you want to do something whacky like spread out a bunch of pink sheets in your backyard? Or put your Twitter ID on your roof? The Web 2.0 equivalent of a message in a bottle.

Kim said...

Pink sheets? Twitter ID I get. ;-) Hmmmm . . . what can I do creatively here. Great idea.

kristin said...

Hot air balloons are lovely. I have a different experience w/ them, we had them at the World Freefall Convention ( for skydivers to jump out of. I made it a point every year to go up w/ them on the morning run (much better than the evening flight). It's incredibly quiet and still. If you ever find out where they are going and want to go up, I'd be interested. It's been a few years and it would be good to meet the local pilots.