Sunday, October 7, 2007

Not that young any more

Okay, I knew making a one day trek from Round Rock to Dallas was going to be tough especially after getting in late the night before and it was. I'm thoroughly exhausted and thinking of the mundane things around the house I should be doing. Surely at one point today I'll be able to focus on those, but I bet there will be a nap in their somewhere.

Up until now though I've been surfing Twitter, Facebook and MySpace adding friends and making comments all the while clicking through programs that I've missed recently, but recorded on my digital recorder. This new world fascinates me. Almost real time communication with people from around the world. Technology is amazing. 10 years ago most of us would have never thought that a world like this existed and technology advances exponentially every day. What will 2017 be like? Gracious.

Yep, feel that nap calling my name.

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