Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Flittering around like a social butterfly

Okay, so my life typically isn't a jam-packed calendar filled with events to attend, but this week seems to be turning out a bit different with lots of places to go and people to see. I can't wait.

Heard from my dear friend Jen Sarver that she'll be flying into town tomorrow and there's a dinner with her Austin area friends. It's a Jen thing. She's my mentor in the socialite circles. She knows EVERYONE. She's involved in EVERYTHING. She's finishing her first collaborative book about women in politics. Too bad she's explained its a non-partisan view point. Funny, she's a staunch Republican who's collaborating with what she explained to be "flaming liberals." She then explained that she opening up her circle of friends. Good for her.

Then the next evening is an event I'm really looking forward too - Blogtoberfest down in my college down - San Marcos. I met a great guy on Facebook, the infamous Chris Brogan and not only was he kind enough to speak on Bulldog's weekly company-wide meeting last week, but he's one of the speakers at the event. I'm thrilled to learn more tricks of the trade from fellow bloggers.

Saturday morning is a an early, early one as Linda, Shannon, Sid, Lisa and I trek up to big D. No, not for the Texas / OU game, but rather the Dallas version of the Gem and Jewelry show. And let me tell you we are serious shoppers. We attend dressed in walking shoes and backpacks and we lug around our finds. We always spend more money then we expect to and come home with nifty beads and finding. Before we trek home we stop and have a nice dinner to talk about our day because honestly, no one really cares to hear about our adventures except for us.

Sunday - whew! I'm sleeping in!

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