Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The final holiday of 2007

Christmas 2007 has come and gone.

The lights are still up on our house and the Christmas tree is still decorated, but the presents are unwrapped and the new gifts need to find their place in our home.

Charles and I spent the last few days with my parents and sister and her family south of Houston. It was nice to get away from the normal routine of work and errands and chores.

The puppies traveled with us and found new friends at my mom's. She and my dad have two dogs, so with our two dogs and my sister's one, it made a typically chaotic home all the more festive, especially once we drug out the Christmas doggie toys and treats.

After our annual Christmas brunch featuring the famous egg casserole and crescent rolls most of us took a lengthy nap. Upon waking it was almost time for Christmas dinner of turkey, ham, sweet potato casserole and more. Yummy.

Then mid-morning Charles and I with one dog a piece traveled back home. The dogs have barely stirred from their nap positions and Charles and I can't seem to find anything we really want to watch on TV. Gosh, we live a fun life.

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