Sunday, September 2, 2012

Remembering Gizzy

This morning Charles and I said goodbye to our sweet, eldest dog, Gizzy. She died peacefully in her sleep after battling kidney failure over the last few months. She was a handful and the epitome of an alpha dog in our family. We are happy knowing she is no longer suffering.

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Charles adopted Gizzy from an abusive home. She was the runt of a litter and the children of the family were happy to tease her in unkind ways.

In 2006, Charles and Gizzy moved from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to join me and my two cats, Belay and Zambezi. In 2007 General our Shih Tzu joined us and in 2010 we added what is now the last dog our our clan, Colonel.

Before adding Colonel to our brood, Gizzy and General were best buds. Although, in this video you might beg to differ. Once Colonel came along, Gizzy had a new puppy to boss around. Actually, all of our animals did whatever Gizzy told them to do. She was our alpha dog and made certain that everyone knew it.

We will miss her snotty, snorting, joyous, bossy self!

Thanks to Banfield Pet Hospital at Louis Henna and I35 in Round Rock and The Heart of Texas Veterinary Specialty Center.

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