Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's A Crazy Thing, This SXSW

Seriously. Crazy. Hundreds of thousands of folks from all over the world descend upon our humble hill country land of Austin and surrounding communities to make the most of their social networking, film and music skills. They're planning on meeting and greeting and showing off.

I can't wait.

I've been scouring other messages on Twitter and adding anyone that looks of interest to my followers list. I've completed one conference call today, have another planning meeting for our Bulldog Solutions efforts tomorrow (right after we celebrate Adam's birthday) and completed my online scheduling.

Just look at this craziness.

I ask you. How's a girl supposed to get it all done?

Not really looking for an answer here, I know that I can't, but it's fun imagining that I can. Who needs sleep?

1 comment:

Dr. Custom said...

Hello Kim, I noticed your great interest on the SXSW. I would like to email you information about a film called Beautiful Losers that is premiering next week at the SXSW. I was wondering if you could post it on your blog.

Thank You
Jose Campos