Monday, July 16, 2007

Video - Why work at Bulldog Solutions

Be sure to check out the cool video link on the right hand side, which helps explain the culture and why everyone should want to work at Bulldog Solutions.
Bulldog Solutions is a fun, fast-paced place to work, with headquarters in Austin, Texas (the Live Music Capital of the World) and European offices in Brussels, Belgium. Our impressive roster of clients includes some of the most recognizable Global 500 brands. We develop and manage online lead-generation campaigns for business-to-business marketers across the technology, finance, science, health care, telecom, insurance and publishing sectors.

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Kris said...

Is this a plug for your employer?! Well, my goodness, Kim! So glad you have a blog that I can follow again. Oh, and check out's where we'll put all Megan's info when we receive it! (no, we do not have it yet!)