Saturday, July 7, 2007

Light up our night

One of the unexpected perks we've found with our new home is fireworks! We're not too terribly far from Dell Diamond - home of the Round Rock Express farm-league baseball team and on their Friday night home games and other special nights they shoot fireworks following the game.

Last night Charles called on his way home and I didn't answer the phone and he was close enough to the house that he saw the fireworks and knew immediately where I was - standing out in our driveway watching the show of course.

Tonight I heard them going off and hollered for Charles to come watch with me. He comes bounding down the stairs with a boyish grin. We stood outside in our "jammies" watching. He commented, "Yeah, all the neighbors are saying look at the newbies watching the fireworks. It'll get old fast." I told him, nah, everyone loves fireworks. And no sooner had I said that, but we heard our next door neighbors coming out of their home and then across the street we heard a bunch of teens running out to grab a peak. Hilarious.

So, now you'll know where you can find our wildselves on Fireworks night at the Diamond.


Mikerrtx said...

Y'all aren't alone... we've been watching 'em from our front portch since '02 and still enjoy 'em.

I just started playing with Qik, so here is a short clip... pretty amazing for taken with a phone!


Mikerrtx said...


Kim Haynes said...

Mike - Very cool indeed.