Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bring on the Lycopene!

So, I started these little tomato plants when we were living in the apartment and I never planted them into any pots though. I simply kept them in the containers they came in.

I purchased four heirloom tomato plants at Gardens. But Charles complained and asked why I didn't purchase any Beefsteak tomatoes. So, shortly after my first purchase I purchased three additional "normal" tomato plants to appease the boy.

A few weeks after we moved into our new house I finally transplanted the silly little tomatoes and their sister basil, rosemary and their companion marigold plants. I used tomato fertilizer and some nifty organic veggie starter mix that I also purchased at Gardens. See . . .

Oh, and a quick aside, when I was on college one of my jobs was at a great organic garden center, Gardenville, in San Marcos, Texas. It was there that Martha Latta taught me about herbs and companion planting. Marigolds are great with tomatoes because they keep away aphids or at least I thought until I looked it up online to hyperlink you to more info. Either way, click here for more info on companion planting.

In only a matter of a month look what they've become. Okay, so look past the weeds and tall grass growing around their base. We'll get to that soon enough.

So far, I've munched on a few Cherry tomatoes and those seem to be the most prolific, but the heirloom tomatoes are putting on a good show right now.

Whohoo! I love my 'maters! Want some?


eclaire said...

The garden looks awesome! I can just taste those tomatoes with basil, olive oil and balamic vinegar! I also can hardly wait to see the house again!

Kristin said...

Not only do I want some, I want to know your secret. My first 'crop' of tomatoes were fine, and now the bugs and rain and... who knows! have really bummed them out. Both my cherry tomato and my "normal" one. :(