Monday, April 13, 2009

It's Much More Than Your Sammich

For those that haven't yet tried Twitter or Facebook there seems to be a common thread of reasons such as:

Reason: I don't care what others ate . . . Reality: they think that all Twitter is about is posting what you ate last

Reason: I don't care to be found by classsmates . . . Reality: they think that classmates still suck or they're afraid to let them know they've either finally made it or are still searching for what will make them feel like they've made

Reason: I'm too busy to keep up with all those online things . . . Reality: they have no
idea how fast and easy it is to connect online
I ran across Laura Thomas' post and it really hit home. I agree that for me hanging out on social networks has allowed my world to expand exponentially both in a knowledge aspect as well as a connection one. I treasure the contacts I've made. I get a rush from the new things I learn everyday.

Thank you, Laura for your introduction of Austin Kleon!

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