Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm Beginning To See The Light

Tonight I attended the Austin Technology Council's Tech Tailgate. An annual event and I was happy to get out and be encouraged by the attendance. Austin's technology community is not dead. In fact it's very vibrant and very alive.

I was encouraged to hear from Mike Mayeux, Founder and CEO of Novotus who always speaks from the heart and in particularly I enjoyed hearing him say,

"We (Austin) are on the front end of the rebound."
Here. Here. Mayeux! I wholeheartedly agree.

I'm hopeful. I'm watching candidates accept jobs. I'm watching companies turning their hiring plans back on. I'm watching as companies grow and stretch and tackle new challenges head on.

And then as I was shutting down my computer for the night I ran across one more piece of encouagement. Really. It really is encouraging. Peter Kim's post from a couple of days ago on the Dow when it FIRST hit 10,000.

Kudo's to Peter for keeping this piece of history and thank you kindly for reminding us to learn from where we are today and press on to greater things tomorrow.

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