Friday, January 11, 2008

Making an Impact One Friend at a Time

I still find Twitter fascinating and one of the most fascinating parts is that it is such an incredibly caring group of talented and creative and smart individuals. Like other social networking or even dating sites, you add or others add you to their network and there are so many various reasons as to why you'd "hook-up" with these people.

And then quickly, on Twitter, at least, you take peek at their blog. You often find out what town or region of the world they call home. You strike up conversations and begin a friendship. You connect things that are of similar interest. You learn that they are a mom or a writer or a software developer or a race car driver. Those are the fun parts of what happens.

The parts that aren't fun are the parts that remind us we're chatting with humans.

Humans who have faults and problems and the worst of it all illnesses or are literally hit by a "Mack truck."

Yes, one of our dear friends, "ashPEAmama" on Twitter was hit by actually a Peterbilt truck this week and did not survive. She had given birth to her second child in November and this week at the age of 29 less than five hours after her last post on Twitter her life came to an end. Tragic.

And many of us have now donated to a fund in hopes of helping her family financial during this imaginably difficult time.

A month or so ago another one of our friends, Susan found a lump in her breast. A big lump. It required almost immediate surgery and she has now undergone breast cancer surgery and writes about what she is living through in Boobs on Ice.

We have rallied around her and as well as "Splash Girl" who is also going through her battle with Breast Cancer and created the Frozen Pea Fund with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

The Washington Post picked up on our efforts and ran How Frozen Peas Started a Movement which gives more color to all the craziness that has ensued in our little circle of friends.

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