Monday, June 2, 2008

Fawn rescued


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travis spencer said...

what the heck were you going to do if that thing freaked out while you were driving down the road?

Kim said...

Great question, Travis. I thought the same thing. I actually took this photo from the backseat. Charles was driving. But we never heard a peep from it. It simply laid their probably scared to death.

Tim Wilson said...

Was there audio with that? What's the story. Definitely 'tis the season for fawns left to lie quietly during the day by their mothers:

Steve Garfield said...

Oh oh. What did the game warden say? Probably, put it back where you found it?

Let sleeping fawns lie?

Kim Haynes said...

Ughh . . . well we didn't end up calling the game warden. Charles actually found a wild life rescue group and took it there.

Then Tim sent the link above now I feel totally bad that I let him transport it at all.

I still hope Bambi ends up having a good life! ;-)

Bill Hibbler said...

We see them all the time in Wimberley. In fact, we see twins quite a bit. It's not uncommon for the Mother to leave them for a couple of hours while they look for food.