Friday, April 25, 2008

How to Hire Someone in Social Media

My friend, Jason Falls from Twitter has the right idea when looking to hire his next Social Media Marketer. He's posted the position requirements on his blog and is only looking for someone steller that connects to him via the various social media outlets.

In addition to listing the normal things like what this person needs to do and what they are hoping to find, he lists how someone can really stand out from the pack and make themselves known.

  • Don’t send me resumes. Connect with me. I’m easy to find.

  • Give me an elevator pitch on why you are the person we’ve described.

  • Send me (via whatever electronic method you deem most efficient) a short list of what you’ve done and where I can find evidence of it. Or have a full profile on LinkedIn. It’s easier that way.

  • If your profiles are hard to link to you on social media sites, tell me which are yours and what you’re hiding.

  • Understand this will be a competitive search and I’m hiring one person. Be outstanding.
Great job, Jason. I'm looking forward to watching your search progress.

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